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Joey-type work android

The first attempts to create functional humanoid robots happened at the end of the XX century. Many decades later, two particular situations sparked the urge for the serious development of work androids: The construction of buildings more than a thousand meters tall becoming common; and the assembly of structures all over the Solar system. Both implied challenges and dangers that could not be handled by humans alone, no matter how many safety devices were used. Therefore, such robots became practical and economically viable at last by the mid XXI century. Sixty years later, models like the Joey-type’s numbers were in the hundreds of millions.

This project started as a tribute to Boston Dynamics, Festo and Oats Studios/Neill Blomkamp's commercial and short films.

Sergio botero tflp masonbot thumbnails

Initial thumbnails

Sergio botero tflp masonbot hex sketches

Head thumbnails

Sergio botero tflp masonbot variation designs

Some equipment variations

Sergio botero tflp masonbot limb sketches

Limb sketches

Sergio botero tflp masonbot concept

Finished concept